I'am Xiao, a 3rd year M.S. student at SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) advised by Prof. Shizhen Zhao. Besides, I am also fortunate to be advised by Prof. Vincent Liu as a visiting student and work closely with Liangcheng Yu. Prior to my M.S. experiences, I received my B.S. degree at SJTU.

My research interests focus on networkd systems, especially for programmable devices like FPGA. I am fascinated by the simple but effective designs in networked systems and the creative potential of programmable devices.


Oct. 2023
FC+ (Flattened Clos Plus) accepted to ISPA 2023.
Sep. 2023
Start as a visiting student offline in Prof. Vincent Liu 's group @ UPenn CIS.


FC+ (Flattened Clos Plus): Near-optimal Deadlock-free Expander Data Center Networks
Xiao Zhang, Peirui Cao, Yongxi Lyu, Qizhou Zhang, Shizhen Zhao, Xinbing Wang, Chenghu Zhou
ISPA, Wuhan, China, Dec. 2023
Flattened Clos: Designing High-performance Deadlock-free Expander Data Center Networks Using Graph Contraction
Shizhen Zhao, Qizhou Zhang, Peirui Cao, Xiao Zhang, Xinbing Wang, Chenghu Zhou
NSDI, Boston, U.S., Apr. 2023 [PDF]
Design of Robust and Efficient Edge Server Placement and Server Scheduling Policies
Shizhen Zhao*, Xiao Zhang*, Peirui Cao, Xinbing Wang (* means equal contribution)
IWQOS, Virtual Event, Jun. 2021 [PDF]

Research experience (See details)

Jul. 2023 - Present
As a visiting student in Prof. Vincent Liu 's group mainly for project Beaver.
Dec. 2022 - Jun. 2023
As a master student in SJTU for project FC+.

Interesting Projects

Earliest deadline first (EDF) switch: A special case of Push-in First-out (PIFO) switch, which means the packets have the earliest deadlines are transmitted first.
Implemented on a ZYNQ7000 Board
Working since September 2021 for over 2 years. [picture, code]
EDF Switch Implemented on ZYNQ7000 Board